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We are a non-profit organization based in Nigerian providing support to young people and children around Africa.


Harvestingstars International Youths Foundation is a non for profit organization based in Nigeria. Our vision is to raise good leaders who can make the society a better place where there is justice and equity. Where there is equitable distribution of opportunities.

We promote economic-growth, leadership development, human rights and social progress. We believe there is a dire need for good leaders who can transform society and stop poverty, unemployment, killings, out of schools issues, illiteracy, bad governance, and hunger.

Harvestingstars promote inclusive economic growth, health and educational growth and support democratic reforms that will entrench inclusiveness especially for youths. 

Our Activities

We aim to raise young inspiring entrepreneurs through our Be Your Boss and Soft Skills Development Training Programs. We believe it is in the interest of government and indeed everyone to educate our youths on skills that will create jobs. This will reduce unemployment, curb crime, and reduce insecurity and poverty. 

We partner with Multinationals, Government Agencies, International and local NGOs.

We provide technical support to young inspiring entrepreneurs especially in the area of legal matters and business development.

We support young farmers through farmer2Farmer Program.

We give technical and professional support, training and grants to young entrepreneurs.

Monthly we carry out automatic cash transfer to people who live below less than a dollar and who are considered “The most Valuables”( frail elderly, disables, children, the poor, widows, indigent students, etc)

We will partner with schools and hospitals to education young girls on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

We distribute menstrual hygiene pads to young girls in schools and hospitals, so as to encourage them to continue their education during their monthly circles.

We provide medical support to the elderly especially in the rural areas. We partner with medical personnel and NGOs to carry out medical outreaches. 

We educate parents, community leaders and young girls on the health implications of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), early girl child marriage and teenage pregnancy.

We are committed in supporting Government, NGOs and other stakeholders in reducing the high figure of out-of-school Children and Youth. One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is a Nigeria, about 13.2 Million children aged 5-15 years are not in school. This is a massive challenge to everyone. We must do something urgently.

Harvestingstars will support the use of ICT as a means of encouraging digital learning and other educational infrastructure. 

We will advice and advocate on proper funding from all tiers of government. The budgetary allocation for education, for example, in 2020 is N671.07 billion. This is so low if we are going to win this battle. Out of this amount, N111.79 billion was allocated to UBEC as intervention fund. This fund is focused on collaboration with other States towards improving access to basic education and reducing out-of-school children. But, most State cannot draw from this fund because they cannot provide the counterpart funding. 

Encourage parents, community leaders, religious leaders and government on the importance and benefits of education. 

We give legal support to people who seriously need one. We make our legal team available once the fundamental human rights of our members have been infringed upon. 

At Harvestingstars, we are determined to pursue these with the help of friends, volunteers, other NGOs, our partners, and the almighty God. 


Providing support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) is an integral part of Harvestingstars International Youths Foundation’s mission since 2015.

Within the National OVC support guidelines, Harvestingstars International Youths Foundation has been making lifetime investments to enable young Nigerians to acquire educational, medical, and psychosocial balance.

Our offices in Lagos and Ibadan provide the support to orphans and vulnerable children in partnership with various agencies, organization and religious bodies.

Two of Harvestingstars International Youths Foundation’s initiatives are educational support, with the provision of essential school materials and the Peer Educators’ Programme, and also activities to enhance the marketable life skills that children need for their future.

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